Find Calmness & Confidence

Welcome to Whistler Ki Aikido.

In the Art of Ki Aikido there is no aggression, tension or competition. Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and may be practised by anyone of any size, age or ability. The purpose of the practise is to learn to co-ordinate our mind and body, through enjoyable exercise, and this will then enhance the quality of our lives.

Sensei Williams demonstrating kokyunage circa 1990

Classes are taught by Sensei Struan and Sensei Anne Kilgour. We have both been practising  Ki Aikido for over 20 years and we have taught children and adults in the UK and in Canada over a number of years. Find out more on our profile page.

Classes are at the Awesome Arts Academy in Function Junction. Class dates and times here.

Whistler Ki Aikido is a non-profit organization. We are a member of the Canadian Ki Federation and affiliated with the Ki Federation of Great Britain.